29 April 2016

Celebs hit back on #OpenUpTheIndustry

The hashtag #OpenUpTheIndustry topped Twitter trending topics on Wednesday evening, with upset media consumers voicing out their frustrations. They’ve lashed out at the media industry ‘recycling’ the same faces time and time again. They called local celebrities ‘greedy’ for taking on numerous jobs simultaneously, while there are talented people struggling to find jobs in TV and radio.
The debate escalated when Boity Thulo announced on social media that she‚ along with Thomas Gumede and Nigerian comedian, Basketmouth were going to be the new hosts of MTV’s Ridiculousness Africa. Some congratulated her, while others questioned why the same popular faces are being used continuously and new talent being supposedly ignored.
One tweep tweeted:
Tweets like this stirred in uproar between struggling artists promoting their material, aspiring new talent and viewers voicing their opinions on the issue of having a small window for breakout artists.
Pearl commented in response to the topic
Speaking on Talk Radio 702 on Wednesday night‚ Bonang Matheba explained that one job doesn’t pay enough.
“We live in an era of instant gratification. People don’t understand the importance of hard work. Everyone sees Bonang getting her big break now. They want to be famous right now but no one wants to put in the years,” Matheba said.
During the radio discussion, former MTV Base Channel Director Tim Horwood said: “You have to ask yourself how the person adds value. How do they add to the PR effect? Some of this debate stemmed from Boity being chosen to host Ridiculousness. It’s a high-profile show that is chasing the ratings. So you put a big name on it. Now it’s created debate and caused a trending hashtag.”
What do you think is causing the small window for new talent?