10 July 2018

Laugh with This is Africa

From flamboyant pastors to lobola, This Is Africa (T.I.A) is a weekly comedy series that offers humorous commentary on misconceived African clichés.
Hosted by a wide panel consisting of opinionated comedians, celebrities, models and socialites such as Nicole Nyaba, Microwave Boys, Farieda Matsileng, Mojak Lehoko, Sadie and Larry Nhlane, the show re-defines what it is to be African and what makes Africa such a unique and special continent.
The show focuses on economics, religion, politics, culture, love and entertainment to interrogate the question of Africanism. It is comprised of topical themes that affect every African, whether controversial, embarrassing, or funny, these themes ultimately make a person identify with being an African.
Questions touched on vary from descriptive explanations, practical examples and personal experiences which capture how vast and multi-cultural the African continent is, and that being African is a beautiful exciting daily adventure.