15 January 2018

Coming soon: Black Card Revoked

BET Africa welcomes on screen a brand new game show coming from that plays on pop culture themes and memes, Black Card Revoked.
Funnyman Tony Rock joins the show as host, bringing his signature quick-witted style to the game play and challenging the contestants.
The comedic, celebrity-driven panel game show will dive into all things black culture, testing players’ knowledge of the nuances of the African American perspective - from moments in pop culture, and entertainment milestones to black history and politics.
Although the African American experience is far from monolithic or singular, the game is lighthearted and witty, and delves into the shared commonalities of Black life in America.
Black Card Revoked is also a game that people of all colors and backgrounds are invited to play.
To join in on the fun, tag @BET_Africa on Twitter and use the hashtag #BlackCardRevoked.