23 May 2018

Bombay Sapphire takes us on The Grand Journey

If you love to dip yourself deep within the culture of fine spirits with intercontinental elements, paired with an exquisite dining experience, BOMBAY SAPPHIRE proudly presents The Grand Journey; where you are sure to find yourself on a whimsical journey of one of a kind tastes that gel the world into one.

The Grand Journey is an occasion tailored for the intrepid traveler who are the fearless and adventurous, and encompasses the BOMBAY SAPPHIRE brand. The journey at which the spirit has traveled across the world through taste has allowed the event to visit London, Moscow, Amsterdam and Madrid.Johannesburg is the next city to join this roster of cities as BOMBAY SAPPHIRE takes us on a quest to discover the heritage of this world renowned gin aboard the Laverstoke Express. This takes us through Ghana and Tuscany on steered by a culinary voyage by stellar South Africa chef, Wandile Mabaso, with intricately paired Bombay Sapphire cocktails mixed by star mixologist Nicolas Koumbarakis.

The Grand Journey will be running from Thursday 31 May until Saturday 2 June, 2018 at the historic Rand Club in Johannesburg. To purchase tickets, click here.