07 August 2017

Euphonik shows us how to make a star in a weekend

DJ Euphonik, real name Themba Nkosi, took over the weekend when he gave a young aspiring artist, ‘Killer Kau’ the chance of a life time.
Killer Kau, a Grade eleven learner who shared a video of himself singing a song called “Tholukuthi Hey”. The video then went viral on social media, eventually reaching Euphonik, who wasted no time finding Killer Kau.
Speaking to BET Africa on Monday morning, Euphonik said this shows the power of social media and people with talents should know how to use it to their advantage.
“To be honest, I wasn’t aware of the video until a friend of mine sent it to me and when I checked it, I thought it was funny. I then sent a message on Twitter asking who was responsible for it. Then Killer Kau responded.”
Euphonik, who is popular for his Twitter clapbacks said everything just aligned well. “I was chilling at home and when I said let’s meet he did not hesitate. It was also a matter of being at the right time and right place. He was lucky that I was not working on that night, and also we cannot deny that the boy is talented,” he said.
“I then asked him to come through to my studio and fortunate enough, he doesn’t live too far from it and from there we started working on the song. While we were busy in studio we were keeping everyone on Twitter on the loop. We finished working on the song around 2am on Friday night and we then tested it out in the few Joburg clubs. The next day, I contacted few of the people I know on radio for interviews and everything came together,” Euphonik told us.
Euphonik also reached out to Mbali, a girl who also put a video of the same song on social media and they are working together with Killer Kau on this song, which promises to be a summer hit in South Africa. Euphonik is already planning a TholukuthiHey Concert in Soweto this Friday and said he might be shooting the song’s video during the concert.
Euphonik isn't the only one who saw a star in Killer Kau:
A few hours later, they are in studio:
Then the clubs:
Then radio:
And now there's a concert and music video on the way:
And it seems like the whole of SA agrees...