31 May 2017

Get face beat with Kim Isaacs

Meet Kim Isaacs. Kim is a fabulous girl who has managed to finesse the art of making heads turn each time she enters a room. Her face is always perfectly beat – lashes, brows, cheeks – the works. It helps that she is a natural beauty too.
Lucky for us, she doesn’t mind sharing and will be making fun and practical videos dishing out the best makeup tips and tricks regularly, so we can all be on the face beat tip … without breaking the bank. Cos we all know, cosmetics don’t come cheap. But a girls’ gotta look foyne, you know! ;-)
We spoke to Kim about her make-up loves and…well, everything glossy, matt and in between. Read on!
How long do you spend applying your makeup daily? It takes me about 30-45 mins to apply my make up, but that depends what mood I’m in as well, but usually 30-45 minutes.
Who’s your celebrity makeup crush? Definitely Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian. They always get it right.
How much do you spend monthly on cosmetics? It depends on what I need, but I mostly buy concealer because I use it so often. The most I’ve spent so far was R1200, and that kinda put a dent in my pocket for the rest of the month.
Do you have any makeup insecurities? I hate not getting things right, so if I don’t feel comfortable with the makeup look I have created, I will literally stay in my room or the bathroom until I am happy, or I will just start over – LOL! I don’t have any make up insecurities though.
Is makeup as a tool an enhancer or a deceiver? It’s actually both. It does enhance beauty but it also leaves room for a lot of what you call ‘decepticon behavior’. I don’t view makeup as a mask, I really enjoy putting on makeup because it’s fun and there are so many things you can do, which is exciting.
If you could use only ONE makeup product, which one would it be? Hmmm, I was about to say Foundation, and then I realized that there’s actually this Swiitch Beauty product called the Holy Grail and it has various colours in it which you can use to create foundation, concealer, a contour colour, eyeshadow and lipstick - so definitely that product.
What’s your splurge item? That should be my MAC Studio Fix Plus Liquid foundation. Actually, it’s the most expensive thing I buy.
How do you select the brands that you use? I watch a lot of make-up tutorials, so a lot of the products I wouldn’t normally buy I learn about from the tutorials. Other than that, I buy things to try and out and if I like them I continue to use them. I am not a professional makeup artist, what I am able to do I have picked up through practice and obviously watching others do it.
Stay tuned for make-up tips and tutorials from Kim!