13 December 2015

Jamie Foxx's Birthday: Custom Paint

If there's anything to learn from Jamie Foxx's birthday celebrations this year, it's to be grateful for what you have.

Rather than getting himself something new, the award-winning entertainer opted to renovate his $500k Rolls Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe with $20k worth of "satin white" custom paint and 24-inch Giovanna Rims, reports TMZ.

He went to RD Whittington's Scottsdale Sports Car Group (where Game is known to patron) to do it, and then shared the luxurious upgrade on Instgram.

What makes this present most retro, however, was who he had posted up in the back of the vehicle: ET, the extraterrestrial of Steven Spielberg fame. It wasn't the actual one (we don't think), but he did make the throwback moment more official with the flick's soundtrack playing in the background.

Foxx is also back to making music this birthday month. A couple weeks before he turned 48, he dropped his new video "In Love By Now."

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