16 August 2016

Kaakie: New song has nothing to do with MzVee

Ghanaian dancehall singer Kaakie says her new single ‘Sankwas’ is not aimed at 2016 BET Awards nominee MzVee.
Kaakie denied that the song takes aim at MzVee, claiming she’s been in the game long enough and has paved the way for “other girls to join in the movement”.
According to Ghanaweb, the song which has been tagged as a diss track has raised tensions between herself and fellow dancehall artists MzVee and AK Songstress. Kaakie defends the somg as not mentioning anyone in ‘Sankwas’, though it is perceived to cast insinuations at MzVee.
“I always put in a phrase in each of my songs and you will think I’m talking to someone and that is just something about me,” she said.
“All of a sudden I release ‘Sankwas’ and people like MzVee and AK Songstress took it personal and some of them have even gone on to write articles about it,” she said.
Asked why she thinks the two thought the song is aimed at them, Kaakie said, “I don’t know why they thought that way.”
“After I released ‘Sankwas’, I was really surprised after I saw the article and I don’t see why anybody will take a song for herself and say that I am singing directly at her,” she said.
This is what Kaakie said on Instagram a few weeks ago, shade thrown!

SANKWAS!!! is not directed at anybody... Yet the Original Sankwas are revealing themselves to the world!!! 😂😂😂😂😂

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