29 April 2016

Meet The Top Actor Top 3

In this week’s show, the last 4 contestants were tasked with “Romantic Period Piece”; joined by actor/celebrity Erica Ash (Real Husbands of Hollywood and “Survivor Remorse”), the actors embarked on the hardest challenge to date. While Jesse, Shamilla and Alex rose to the challenge, an emotional Tobechi Nneji (Nigeria) took her final curtain call on the show.
Jesse commented, “I feel really excited and blessed to have made it this far. At first I was simply overjoyed by the fact that I made it to the top 12! Winning the entire competition was still just a dim idea I had in the back of my mind. I just thought the show would be a great platform to learn how to become a better actor and to expose my talent to the world.”
Alex added, “Finally my art has been internationally recognised, making it to top 3 is as good as a win, now more than ever it all makes sense that hard-work and prayers truly do work. I see this as an opportunity to showcase my acting ability, having tackled every single genre in acting, I can literally walk onto a set and confidently put up a performance of a lifetime.”
Shamilla concluded, “I am so grateful to be part of this programme and making it to top 3 has built my confidence in the craft. As an aspiring actress this platform will enable and open great opportunities in the industry. The experience in Top Actor Africa is incredibly challenging but so great and I have learnt so much in this short time.”
With just a few weeks remaining until the winner is announced, BET viewers will be able to vote for their favourite Top Actor by visiting www.betafrica.tv from Wednesday 4 May to Tuesday 10 May. The winner will be revealed on Tuesday 24 May at 20:30 CAT.