09 June 2017

Ole Ledimo keeps pushing boundaries

If you watched BET Africa between 8 and 9PM CAT on Thursday, you’ll know that we’ve just debuted the super inspirational and exciting Nescafe Gold Connections.
For the first instalment, host Proverb sits down with Ole Ledimo, the master behind House of Ole, a fashion label that continues to push boundaries. Ole discussed how he couldn’t resist the calling to work in the fashion industry as a designer, a career he says he was born to do. He described why he continues to work in his hometown of Bloemfontein in the Free State province in South Africa, and why he has picked this city as his work base. Ole also details what exactly it takes to make it in the local fashion industry.
Ole also discussed the art of collaboration and how he has set himself apart in the fashion industry, with a distinct and innovative approach and with a focus on nurturing new talent.
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