17 January 2018

Say hello to s2 of 'The Quad'

After a thrilling first season, The Quad is back with more drama that will move you from the edge of your seat right into the centre of the series.
In season 1, we were introduced to the multi-dimensional world of Dr. Eva Fletcher, played by Anika Noni Rose, as the newly elected president of Georgia A&M University (GAMU). The cut-throat territory of Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) finds Eva and her daughter Sydney fighting for their rightful positions in the culturally affluent university while dealing with their chaotic personal lives. In an environment that viciously forces everyone to claim their worthy places within it, Eva finds solace in the support of History Department Dean Ella Grace and football coach Eugene Hardick.
During the course of season one, a glamourous fundraising soirée turned sour as more conflict rose to the surface and it came to light that Sydney was the victim of a sexual assault via security footage. Not only did this incident find Eva coming to terms with the presence of an assault at GAMU and ultimately her daughter’s, but it also brought to the surface a crucial social issue that had been on the lips, tongues and fingertips of social media users for many months now; striking a crucial balance between the television drama and a discussion on a serious social injustice.
In season 2, the series will continue to find the perpetrators of the sexual assaults at GAMU and pry into the realm of racism, loyalty and black consciousness. The cast says in season two, we can expect a lot of curveballs, hook ups, steamy romance and emotional rollercoasters. Talk about thrilling! And as we know, it wouldn’t be The Quad if it didn’t bring the heat by exploring real-life issues.
The Quad s2 premieres on BET Africa on Monday 12 February at 21:30 CAT. In the meantime, you can recap s1 in the same timeslot.
Will you be there to experience it with us?