19 December 2015

Tamar Braxton Shares Health Update on The Real

A week after announcing her departure from Dancing With the Stars because of health concerns, the singer and talk-show host is ready to update fans on her condition.

In a surprise appearance on a recent episode of The Real, Tamar calls into the show to catch up with her co-hosts and of course in true Tamar fashion, she had to prove she was on the road to recovery.

During the call she said: "I mean, I'm just so elated and I just feel so blessed to come out of the hospital," she explained. "Because, you know, the realisation is that, you know, a lot of people don't come out of the hospital with, you know, multiple PEs [Pulmonary Embolism] like I had. And you know I just feel really blessed beyond measure."

As announced on our social media platforms, due to Tamar falling ill she will no longer be performing at BET Experience.

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