01 August 2017

Everything you need to know about The Big Secret

What do I stand to gain by revealing my secret on the show? Relief from the burden of carrying a secret and a heavy emotional load burden. You will get to share your story with viewers who may find courage and inspiration to start their journey to their own revelation
Why would anyone want to reveal their inner most secrets? Secrets have a way of manifesting negatively in a person’s life and relationships, trapping you and holding you back from progressing with life. The show is a platform for you to set yourself free and finally live the life you were destined to live.
Does the show offer any form of support to participants? • Yes, the host offers constant source of support throughout the day. • A confidante who will accompany you on your journey to revealing their story. • Afert the show, an in-house therapist will offer participants tools that enable them to deal with the emotional repercussions of the decision they have made
Who is the host of the show & what do they bring to the show? • The Host is Khanyi Mbau. Khanyi has a wealth of life experience in interacting with different people from all walks of life, coupled with the challenges she’s faced in her own life as well. Her exposure to life and its challenges has shaped her sense of compassion, sensitivity and insightfulness. These qualities make her relatable to both the audience and candidates alike.
How will this show be treated and or conducted? (Sensitive content) The Show aims to treat every story or revelation with the utmost respect and sensitivity, given the nature of the content shared by participants. The stories will not be sensationalized in any way. We additionally aim to give participants the best tools necessary for them to carry on living their lives, post revelation, in the most progressive, constructive and productive way possible.
Who is the show targeted at and why? The show will be aired on B.E.T Africa, a channel that is committed to uplifting the black audience globally and celebrating black excellence and culture. The series therefore becomes the perfect platform to showcase healing and mending of relationships within the broader black audience.
How does this show differ from other shows with a similar concept? The Big Secret differs from other shows in that it is maintains the integrity of the participants. The show aims to facilitate honest engagement, understanding and forgiveness.
What kinds of secrets can be revealed on the show? Any and all kinds of secrets may be revealed, however, these should not include confessions to crimes. The confessor should additionally not have a hidden agenda or stand to benefit monetarily from the revelation. The show aims to build not to damage people’s lives.
Secrets are often deep and dark, is there a fun lighter side to the show? Yes there most definitely is. We are also looking for feel good stories too. From the uplifting to inspiring, to feel-good stories.
What does the audience stand to gain from a show like yours? The Big Secret aims to educate the audience. It showcases the disruptive nature of holding on to secrets, and the destruction they have on relationships and people’s lives. The show demonstrates to viewers the merits of revealing these secrets and in doing so, moving closer to living an honest and healthier life. The show is a platform to help you achieve this.
How do I send in my story? Send an email to bigsecret@betafrica.tv or inbox us on our Facebook page Big Secret BET, with you contact details and the production team will make contact with you.