26 January 2018

Love lives on The Mane Event

A wedding is one of the most important days in a couple’s life, and when you’re one of hip-hop’s hottest couples, your big day can’t be anything short of amazing. So when our Instagram fave Keyshia Ka’oir and Mr ‘Burr’ aka Gucci Mane get married, you better believe they’re pulling all the stops.
This 10-part docuseries follows the couple on their journey leading up to one of the most lavish hip hop weddings of our time. Along the way, the couple experiences the twists and turns of joining their families and pulling off their biggest and most beautiful moment yet, officially becoming The Davis’.
Gucci Mane, known for leisurely flow and stand-out adlibs, took a complete 180 in his life when he turned himself in for illegal possession of an illegal firearm and assault. His arrest resulted in a three-year prison sentence, but he didn’t go away without making sure the love of his life could do something great for herself in that time. Gucci gave Keyshia $2 million dollars in order to “flip” and in the time he went away, Keyshia finessed the make-up industry game and managed to make a cool $6 million dollars from her Ka’oir wellness and Ka’oir fitness brands, respectively.
28 months later, after being released early from his sentence, Gucci proposed to Keyshia along with dropping his Billboard charting post-prison release “First Day Out the Feds”, life has been a career and personal fairytale. Leading up to the wedding, we meet Keyshia’s mother, Joy and her maid of honour Erica and their wedding planner Erica Romero as they walk Keyshia through her special day.
Watch the best of hip-hip royalty come together celebrate Gucci Mane and Keyshia Ka’oir on The Mane Event, premiering Wednesday 31 January @ 21:50 on BET channel 129.