10 July 2017

Jet set with Keke Matlou

Radio personality Keke Matlou gets to go on exquisite travels around Africa and all over the world. The radio personality will be spoiling us with all the details about her travels in Africa and abroad, and she's letting us in on how her journey to travel began.
"I have a mother that would travel all over the world for work and she used to come back with exciting tales of her travels. Those stories along with gorgeous pictures gave birth to the incredible wanderlust I now identify with.
The travel bug bit me and I told myself that once I started working, that’s all I would do; Travel the world…and eventually out travel my mom.
It’s been over a 10 year journey so far that’s taken me to multiple countries all around Europe, Asia, Africa, South America and North America.
I absolutely love visiting all the spots that locals frequent, as well as the food – that’s what I really look forward to when I travel!
My bucket list has me on a mission is to tick off each and every destination on there. I’m not doing too badly so far…but Bora Bora and Cuba are still outstanding.
When it comes to the best South African province to visit, I’m conflicted between Mpumalanga and the Western Cape. Both have different offerings, but are equally beautiful. Mpumalanga is lush and has amazing game and resorts, whilst the Western Cape has amazing scenery and cuisine.
The most wonderful African country to visit in my opinion is Tanzania, specifically the island of Zanzibar. You don’t have to travel all the way to the Caribbean islands to experience the beauty of crystal clear waters and white beaches. It’s right here in Africa!
Travelling in summer will always be at the top of my list because there are so many more activities to be enjoyed. I enjoy the outdoors.
My son, who is the love of my life, is my favourite travel companion. We recently went on the loveliest trip to Mauritius together.
Travel is definitely a passion and the BEST thing that spoke to me at an earlier age…and I hope it is something that never leaves me."
Look out for Keke's monthly travel show right here on our website.