04 December 2016

What's going on with Kanye West

Leading up to his emotional breakdown, superstar Kanye West has been all about the rants – more so than usual. His behaviour could all be chalked down to his heavy tour schedule, but eventually it all boiled over into a resounding crescendo. From storming off stage and cancelling tour dates to full psychiatric hospitalisation, it appears that the star is troubled and needs treatment. After only little over a week however, he has been released from hospital.
What Actually Happened?
With so many conflicting reports on the situation and none of West’s representatives willing to part with any information, it’s difficult to piece the real story together. What we can say for certain is that Kanye appears a danger to both himself and to others. After a disturbance was reported from the home of his personal trainer, following a meltdown, he was taken to the UCLA Medical Centre for psychiatric treatment. At the time Kim was preparing for the Angel Ball in New York but promptly left and flew back to LA to be at her husband’s side.
Why Did Kanye Have a Melt Down?
Reports from unknown sources have said that Kim and Kanye’s marriage has been taking strain ever since Kim was tied up and robbed in her Paris hotel. While Kim has been suffering post-traumatic stress, Kanye has equally been feeling anxiety, unable to sleep and having nightmares. To add to this, the anniversary of the rappers mother’s death and his gruelling workload may have compounded his stress.
What is Wrong With Kanye?
Kanye’s troubles manifested in anxiety, paranoia and psychotic episodes. More than just not being himself, he reportedly had difficulty identifying what was real. Leading up to his breakdown he has been ‘difficult to live with’, due to his all night ranting.
Will Kanye be Okay?
While doctors have been reluctant to diagnose Kanye, Kim has been at his side throughout this ordeal. Kanye was reportedly trying to work even while he was in hospital but Kim insisted he rest. Kim is hopeful and relieved that her husband is getting rest and treatment. After more than a week in the hospital, Kanye has been released, owing to his improved state of mind he will, however, need ongoing psychological and medical treatment.
If anything, Kanye West’s very public breakdown proves that no one is untouchable and mental illness can happen to anyone. All his fans can do is show their support and take this as an important lesson in the fragility of mental health. But for now, it looks like the Kardashian-West household is doing okay.