The Simphiwe Dana Symphony Experience took place at the Kyalami Theatre On the Track last year and featured two internationally acclaimed African-born artists: the melodically gracious Asa (Nigeria), and the imperiously vocal Concha Buika (Equitorial Guinea) who added their unique voices to this auditory treat.

Setting this apart from any show you've ever seen is a 60-piece orchestra and a 30-piece choir and a dance troupe which added an audio-visual spectacle to this experience.
The Simphiwe Dana Symphony Experience was a realisation of a dream Dana had almost nine years ago. Through the generous support of the National Lotteries Commission, facilitated by the Music Is A Great Investment (MIAGI), Dana finally saw her dream come to fruition and now we will share it with you.

Catch the Simphiwe Dana Symphony Experience on Saturday 28 January @ 20:00 CAT