The streets of Harlem are buzzing with the news...Black Ink is back! Welcome to Season 4 of VH1's "Black Ink Crew." After closing the doors for several weeks to help Dutchess pursue her dream of opening her own shop in North Carolina, Ceaser has reopened Black Ink for what may be the most tumultuous season in franchise history.

With Dutchess' shop coming along, Ceaser is ready to build his empire and he needs the crew to get him to the top.  Ted is promoted to manager and seizes power, immediately hiring a new artist named Melody.  O'Shit works to reestablish his reputation as a master of ink, but when his addiction resurfaces, it puts a strain on his already fragile relationships, especially with Ceaser. Donna fights for respect and a chance to tattoo but a shocking hook-up on an all-girls trip to Miami derails her ambitions and the tension between her and the crew spirals out of control.

The crew gets wind that Puma has opened a rival shop down the street in Harlem, which motivates Ceaser to pursue expansion.  But when a violent and frightening episode occurs at Puma's shop, fingers are pointed and Puma struggles to hold onto his family, as well as the two new tattoo artists he has hired to work in his shop.

You can take the girl out of Harlem, but you can't take the Harlem out of the girl. A changed woman on the inside, Sky aims to make some outward changes as well…a Brazilian butt lift to be exact. Despite Sky's ongoing journey towards self-improvement, she's still haunted by ghosts of the past and the woman she's trying not to be.

As Ceaser looks towards a future location in the heart of Harlem, he begins to wonder: If the strength of a family lies in its loyalty to each other, will the Black Ink family finally be driven apart?